Our Mission:

We enable people to find happiness through motion.

No matter what we look like now, a year from now, or a decade from now, this is what keeps us moving forward.

Ride More. Be Happy.


Disrupting the

The Mataró, aerodynamic in design, weightless in performance, and engineered with precision, hit the market. Our meticulous attention to muscle design and infusing hydroform technology into our product made the once-unattainable, attainable.


Claiming its Stake

Officially forming its own racing team, recruiting the best fixie riders in the nation, and proactively participating in events throughout the cycling realm propelled Aventon as a trusted fixed gear brand. This same year, Aventon introduced the Cordoba: its lightest-weight frame fixie with unprecedented tube innovation.

2015 – 2017

Taking Home Gold

Winning the Red Hook Crit in Barcelona, Spain in 2015 thrust Aventon into a globally known fixed gear brand. Over the years, the Aventon Racing Team continued to win championship races, both domestic and international. Meanwhile, with electric cars slowly becoming a more mainstream method of transportation, electric bikes also began to rise in popularity, and we noticed.


Finding Our New Pace

Realizing the massive potential electric bikes would hold in opening up the realms of mobility to the greater public, Aventon’s pivot wasn’t an easy decision, but a necessary one. While our third fixed gear bicycle, Kijote, was released, Aventon also launched its first electric bike: the original Pace 500. As the first ebike on the market at the time to look like a sleek, traditional bike, our movement began.


The Ultimate

As an ode to the fixie community and prior to our complete pivot into the realm of electric, the limited edition Ultro was launched. Made entirely of carbon, Ultro was Aventon’s ultimate gesture of gratitude to its dedicated fixed gear following. Aventon also saw the launch of its second electric bike: the original Pace 350.


The Year of Expansion

A historic year: outgrowing our Los Angeles warehouse and moving to Ontario, CA., increasing our West Coast and overseas teams in total by the hundreds, and more than doubling our fleet of electric bikes. With virtually every component of our manufacturing done in-house, from welding to painting, to polishing, expansion meant a more versatile, inclusive, and accessible product line. With that in mind, Level and Sinch were introduced to the market.


Let the Aventure Begin

Aventon’s first all-terrain, fully-loaded, seamlessly integrated, technologically advanced powerhouse hit the industry: Aventure. Disrupting its category and shaking the competition, Aventure has been a wild ride ever since with a fan base of its own.


Doubling our Electric Bike Fleet

Gearing up and pedaling straight ahead toward a future of e-mobility, Aventon continues to see growth and innovation and is determined to be the brand for the people, producing a wide range of products to meet the diverse riding needs of the nation. From the launch of its most lightweight electric bike, Soltera, to the more accessible Step-through version of Sinch, upgrading its original ebike into Pace.2, and integrating a torque sensor (a revolutionary first for us!) into Level.2, we’re just getting started.


Future Forward

While we can’t give away too much, we can say this: the sky is Aventon’s limit. We’ve just begun breaking the barriers to electric mobility and we’re geared up for more. What’s up our sleeves next might be a mystery, but we can guarantee it won’t disappoint.